Dr Duc Minh Nguyen

Minh Duc Nguyen is studying wave shaping to excite specific rogue wave structures in fiber.

Duc Minh Nguyen received the bachelor diploma in theoretical physics at Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam National University in September 2008. He received then the PhD in physics at the University of Rennes 1, France, in December 2011, carried out within the CNRS-Foton Laboratory (Fonctions optiques pour les technologies de l’information) and concerning the theoretical and experimental studies of nonlinear optical effects in optical fibers and waveguides for all-optical nonlinear signal processing in high-speed data communications. From November 2011, he worked at the Femto-ST laboratory, University of Franche-Comté, France as a post-doctoral researche on the study of the amplification parametric effect, super-continuum generation and the Brillouin effect in photonic crystal fibers as well as their applications such as distributed Brillouin sensors.  From Sept 2012 he is working full time on the MULTIWAVE project.  

Email: ducminh.nguyen@femto-st.fr

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