Dr. Lennon Ó‘Náraigh

Dr. Ó'Náraigh is a collaborator in the ERC project

Dr. Ó'Náraigh is an applied mathematician by training, interested in the application of any mathematical tool to any problem of practical interest. Prof. Ó'Náraigh's research falls under the three following areas:

1. Interfacial instability of two-phase stratified flows;
2. Turbulence in two dimensions with reference to mixing;
3. Applications of the Cahn-Hilliard equation

Topic 1 inovles linear-stability analyses to describe absolute and convective instabilities in Reynolds-averaged stratified flow systems.  Topic 2 involves the modelling and simulation of turbulence in two dimensions, including the application of stochstic methods.  Topic 3 is a very diverse area and in the past, has involved chaotic mixing and lubrication theory.

Email: lennon.onaraigh@ucd.ie

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